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Embrace the Timeless Legacy: Discover the Historic Charm of Wolf Hotel in Saratoga, Wyoming

Since its construction in 1893, the Wolf Hotel has stood as a cherished landmark and anchor in downtown Saratoga, Wyoming. This historic establishment has witnessed the state's vibrant growth as a young frontier, where possibilities seemed endless.

In 1875, Frederick Wolf, a determined German immigrant, ventured into the Wyoming Territory. After gaining experience working for the Union Pacific Railroad and owning a successful liquor business, Frederick and his wife, Christina, fulfilled their vision by opening the hotel. Its immediate success offered a much-needed sanctuary and a delightful lunch stop for passengers traveling from Walcott Junction to the south or Encampment, Wyoming, to the north, after their morning rides into Saratoga.

An intriguing connection to the Wolf Hotel lies in its lineage, as Supreme Court Judge Neil Gorsuch proudly traces his ancestry back to the Wolfs, further enriching its captivating history.

The Wolf Hotel has welcomed a diverse array of esteemed guests throughout its existence. In its early days, it hosted investors of the world-famous Rudefha copper mine in Encampment and attracted Wyoming governors, a tradition that continues to this day.

Renowned personalities, such as Christopher Reeve, have graced the hotel's premises, while small corporate groups and research scientists studying snow crystals have found solace within its walls. Even fictional characters, like C.J. Box's Wyoming game Warden Joe Pickett, have found refuge in the hotel's Room #9, a tale further explored in Box's novel, "The Disappeared."

Despite Saratoga's modest size and Wyoming's relatively small population, the Wolf Hotel has gained international recognition. As owner Doug Campbell aptly remarks, "No matter where you go, it seems like someone has been to the Wolf."

Over the years, the hotel has changed hands, and in 1977, the Campbells, along with partner Michael Self, acquired it. While their partnership ended in 1983, the Campbells have remained the sole owners. Recognizing its historical significance, the hotel was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in the early 1970s. All renovations conducted by the Campbells have meticulously preserved the building's original charm and character.

Celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2018 and the Campbells' 41st year of ownership, the Wolf Hotel proudly looks towards the future. The proprietors extend their heartfelt gratitude to all past guests for their patronage and eagerly anticipate welcoming visitors for nights of rest, scratch-cooked meals, and convivial moments in the saloon, toasting to old friends and a promising future.

Whether you have previously experienced the Wolf Hotel's warm hospitality or are embarking on your first visit, we wholeheartedly welcome you. We are confident that your stay, meal, and the memories created here will be nothing short of extraordinary.

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